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Web Traffic follows the patterns of the human activity. Here is how it looks like starting with the New Year:


Every January is probably going to be your record month for your web site visitors traffic. The first few days after the new year are going to be poor, and we all know the reasons. No one is at work, everyone is celebrating. There is a very few people online actually. Those that are online are sending emails to their relatives worldwide. Or talking to them on Skype lately. After the first few non working days the show is beginning. Traffic is just spiking from one day to another. Your best days of traffic ever are happening. Why is that? Well, no one is really working much. People are just fed up with work. New year resolutions, planning,… people will invent every excuse not to work. Instead they will surf the web. This is your hunting season. As a publisher you need to convert them and subscribe, to make sure they become the regular repeat visitors during the rest of the year. Think email subscriptions! February will mostly be the same. Note that the overall number will be smaller since it is a shorter month. So do not get shocked looking at the February statistics, it’s not a real drop – just a short month! Look at your daily averages.



Spring is actually your worst enemy as a online publisher. Days are getting longer, people want to spend more and more time outside. Web sites? Who cares! Let’s go out in the nature! Let’s do sports! Let’s start doing something with our body – put all those New Year’s Resolutions into action. The traffic will drop naturally. Your subscription customer base is the only thing that can save you. Remember – you will most likely not grow your traffic in spring.


Most of the people take their vacation in summer. During vacation 90% of the people have simply 0 online activity. But booking your summer holidays, well that is a super heavy activity before the summer. If you are in the travel and holidays niche like Sailing Boats Croatia site, this is your season. If not, just get used to it! Naturally your traffic will dip.


It actually starts in the September when the kids are back to school, and it moves parents back to work, back in front of the computers, back to your web site. Besides the schools the nature is your best friend here. Days are getting shorter, and it’s getting cold outside. People naturally spend more time indoors and therefore with their computers. What do they do? They try to find something to do online. Social Networking is the main activity, so if your business can tap into that market – September web traffic will most likely be your record month. Think subscriptions of some shape or form in September as a visitors retention tool. October and November will be good naturally, all the way to mid December. Christmas, Skiing, Holidays… it all just kills your visitors in the last part of December. Don’t despair, remember that in a few weeks you will have your record day again…

This is how general web site traffic trends look like during the year. Again if your site content, and therefore your audience is linked to the certain activity that has its own seasons your traffic will differ. But this ‘General’ human behaviour will have impact on any web site.

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