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The importance of blogging for business is pretty much undisputed at this stage. Even the worst ‘hard core conservative’ marketers do admit that the blog is one of the most powerful online marketing tools in existence today. The problem with blogs is that it is not easy to start, and it is even harder to keep it going. Here are a few tips on how to make your blog successful:

1. Blog about your work
Choose a blog topic, and a perspective to the topic that is closely related to your day to day work. You cannot really blog about what you do exactly, since it is quite likely going to reveal the company secrets. You need to find and angle or the perspective that will allow you to completely open and express yourself, in writing about the topic.

2. Make Blogging a Part of Your Work
To me able to continue publishing your blog post constantly, you need to allocate time for it. You need to schedule a time when you will not be distracted by your phone, email, instant messaging, Skype, colleague inviting you for a cup of coffee. Blogging for Business has to be treated as a serious business. If you allow blogging to be low on the list of your priorities, your blog will suffer from irregularity of posting. If you do not devote your time to it, it will most likely simply… wilt.

Business success is a blog killer!

If you business blog is not about your own business, you are likely to quit blogging quickly! I just noticed I did not post a single blog post to my blog for a full 10 days. I was simply too busy. Clients ringing, requesting, demanding,… and you just do not have the time. Well it is all wrong. You need to plan, and manage the changes the blogging brings:
1. Allocate the time required for blogging
2. Allocate the additional time (resources) required to manage the increase of the new business that came as a result of blogging
3. Make sure the increased volume of your primary work does not eat up the time you allocated for blogging initially! :)

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