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Search engines are searching and indexing text found on the web sites. Their popper name should be Web Text Search Engines. Grossly simplified here is how they work in few simplified steps:
Users submit web pages to indexed. Search engines ‘follow’ the links on those sites and find other sites to index. Following links on those they go further, and by following links discover all the sites that any other site is linking to and read and index the whole web. This simplified scenario answers the following question: How to get indexed by Google. Well simply either submit your site or get links from other sites to it.

What search engines are actually indexing is the text your web site has. Not the images, not animations,… just the text. This is why we say that Content is King on the web. Content on your page is what Google will index, and Content of your page is what Goole will show in the search results pages to the visitors/viewers searching on the Google site.

0 content means 0 visitors. If you have no text Google can index, Google will not be able to display your site in the search result and will not send you a single visitor. The more the content, the more visitors Google will send. This defines the first quality of the web site Content – the amount of it. The more the better.

If you copy the content from the site that Google has already indexed, and put the same content on your site, Google will ignore your site, and only display the ‘Original’ to the people searching. By Original Google will mostly rely on the time where the same content piece is first found. What this tells us is that the content has to be original and unique to Google. The second quality of the content is therefore its uniqueness.

Having tons of content, that is all lovely indexed by Google, and is doing no good to the visitor Google brought to your site will result in the visitor leaving your site on the same page he landed. This is called a Bounce on the online marketing. It is usually displayed as a Bounce Rate in percentage of people leaving your site on the first page they landed on from the search engine. The opposite is usually described as Stickiness of your site. Having interesting and high quality content, and providing easy navigation to find more relevant info on your site will decrease your Bounce Rate. Google defines is quality in the speed of delivering the most relevant content to the visitors searching. If a visitor does not ‘stay on the site’ and ‘bounces’ instantly back to the Google search result Google does record it, and will try to improve its search results for the next visitor. How, by placing results on top of the search that people actually ‘Like’ (I hope the word is not Facebook trademark jet?). If your content and your site is not sticky, you will have a high bounce rate. With high bounce rate you can be sure your site will never reach those top positions that you are aiming for.

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