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Last week I was invited and have attended IIA Congress 2009 and the IIA & Enterprise Ireland Net Visionary Awards 2009 on 21-22 May. It really was nice, and I would like to compliment the organisers and thank again for the invitation.


Colm Long from facebook had an interesting presentation, and I guess the most impressive fact and slide was the ‘stickability’ of facebook. Curently they are at 200 million users who are active on the site (have logged on in last 30 days).

Just a clarification that is this many users: 200000000
(for the record…)

The Welcome Pack of the IIA Congress 2009 was also nice. Inside was also a sponsored USB Memory Stick by Elucidate. When I plugged it in I was a bit disappointed that the capacity was only 512 Mb. Lately when I think of the storage I think in gigabytes and terabytes. Then again it was a really pleasant surprise that the memory chip is obviously quite fast since my Microsoft Windows Vista accepted it as a storage for the ReadyBoost – extension of your RAM on the external disc. The Elucidate Flash Drive will obviously be a very good friend of my Notebook that has ‘only’ 2 GB of RAM, so additional 512MB is more than welcome!

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  • Jobs Blog

    September 1, 2009 at 6:39 pm

    Well, more like 250 million today actually… :)

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