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Anyone who ever had a web site wanted his web site to appear on the first page in Google for the important keywords. People just assume that since they invested into the development of their web site, that they ‘deserve’ to be listed, and listed high in the search engine results pages (SERP) What people do not consider is the size of the competition. Google itself for many, many years shows exactly that – The size of the competition, besides every search result it produces. Check the image below showing the number of pages that Google has indexed that contain the word ‘SEO’.

Results 1 – 10 of about 165,000,000 for seo.

Google: Results 1 - 10 of about 165,000,000 for seo.

What Google is telling us is that there is about 165 millions of pages of the web pages that contain the word SEO that Google has found and included in the search engine results. By default Google shows 10 pages per page, so the first page only shows the top 10 of the 165 millions of pages. Jet every site owner wants to get listed there. Unfortunately there is space for the top ten web sites only.

To display more relevant and local search results Google does not display the same results to everyone. Based on your location (your IP actually) Google will display the results that are ‘more relative’ to your location that the overall top 10 highest ranked pages.

Google even allows limiting the search results to just the pages it has indexed from your country. For our sample search for the word ‘SEO’ if the option ’pages from Ireland’ is checked, note that the result actually contains a much smaller sumo of pages, just 274 000 pages as opposed of the 165 000 000 pages on the whole web that Google has in it’s index.

Google: search for the word ‘SEO’ if the option ’pages from Ireland’ is checked

Note that the search results page with the ’pages in Ireland’ option selected contains far more local web sites, the majority of them the Irish domains ending with the ‘ie’ or ‘,com’s’ hosted on the servers in Ireland.

Knowing that there is about 274 000 pages in Ireland and 165 000 000 pages on the web that all compete for the same keyword ‘SEO’, how likely is that this new web site SEO Consultant will ever get listed on the first page as specified in the SEO Speed Test?

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  • SEO Consultant (admin)

    February 15, 2008 at 8:29 pm

    Hi Simon,

    Thanks for the comment!

    First page in Google in 3 months? It sounds very optimistic!!!

    You will always beat me in tennis! :)

    With the blog like this the truth is that it simply depends on the amount of work you put into it. If you could do this full time, the results would follow. The constant flow of the fresh content would help as well. We’ll live to see how will it pan out.

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