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The definition of the Good Google Web Traffic:

A good web traffic from Google search engine is the traffic of the visitors from from Google and found what they have been looking for on the web site. What this means is that the text in the search engine results page (SERP) that has represented the site (title, two lines of text and the web address) was descriptive and it represented well the page where the visitor was brought. A visitor who found what he was looking for will not click ‘Back’ in the browser to see the search results again and choose a different listing, but will stay on your page. If the web page is related to the topic a visitor is interested in, and the content is well distributed under easy to find headings, the visitor will most likely open a few more pages on your site.

How to recognise a Good Google Web Traffic in your web log files?

A good web traffic is the visitor who comes to your page and does not leave your site from that same page, especially without visiting any other page. Check web site visitors paths through the web site, and where you see a path that contains more than one page on your site – it is an interested visitor. If the referring page to the page the visitor came to (landing page) your site is Google, it is the Good Visitor from Google.

How to recognise a Bad Google Web Traffic in your web log files?

If the visitor paths contain the entries where the landing page is the exit page it is a clear indication that the web site visitor did not find what he was looking for you the site and have left without browsing around at all. If you notice that there are number of visitors from Google (or any other search engine) who just come to your site – and leave straight away, it is a clear indication that the listing of your site the way Google represented it is not what the visitor found on the landing page. Check the way Google represented your page in the search engine results page, and compare that text with what your web page contains. If the visitor cannot quickly find those same words or phrases from the SERP on top of the landing page – in most cases you have just generated a Bad Google Web Traffic.

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