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Search Engine Optimization is all about Google really. I never got a client that rings me and says – I want to be the first in Yahoo! Or MSN, or Live, or whatever it is called today. Google rankings is what web site owners are concerned about – Google SEO!

Most of the web site owners think that SEO is some magic or a trick. And SEO consultants are not really the most popular people. Trust me!

A client told me last week that he SEO Consultants are like the hairdressers. Whenever you go to a new one, he looks at your haircut and asks: Who on earth have done this?! You just sit and answer: Well the last one,… that I as well paid to do it…

SEO is not a secret, magic or a trick. In fact, our dear old Google will teach you all you need to know about SEO. We might as well call it Google SEO School.

Google gives SEO experts a long list of free SEO tools. And the list of those free SEO Tools is getting longer and longer almost every month now. As wall as publishing new SEO Tools, Google almost constantly updates and improves the existing Google SEO tolls.

Where to start with Google SEO tools?
Google SEO tool No. 1 – Google Analytics
Google SEO Tool No. 2 – Google Webmaster Tools
Google SEO Tool No. 3 – Google AdWords Keyword Suggestions
Google SEO Tool No. 4 – Google Website Optimizer
Google SEO Tool No. 5 – Google Insights for Search

Not really a Google SEO Tool, but if your business has a local aspect, you will find the Google Local Business Center very beneficial.

All your Google SEO related questions can get answered by the combination of the data from various Google SEO tools listed above. You can get your keyword list (AdWords), check the search volume (Trends & Insights), check your ranking historically (Webmaster Tools).

Then use your imagination to calculate if it has the value for your business to increase the ranking for each of your keywords. It is not Voodoo really! Google SEO Tools give you all the ingredients!

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