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Google Webmaster Tools is a tool that a serious web marketer cannot replace with anything else really since it gives some figures that no other tool can give you. The example is the answer to where in search engine ranking does your web site display for certain phrase? Google Webmaster Tools also has a nice overview of the historical data, so you can see if you are on the ‘up’ or ‘down’.

As with every Google service the Google Webmaster Tools is changing a lot, and changing constantly. The latest addition is the Google Webmaster Tools Gadgets. It really is a nice tool that can generate 8 different gadgets you can display on your iGoogle homepage. Here is the list below.

You can choose the gadgets before adding to your homepage:
Crawl errors
Content analysis
Top search queries
Subscriber stats
What Googlebot sees
External links
Internal links

The integration with the iGoogle is still pretty ‘raw’. Not only that you cannot customize the ‘Look and Feel’ of those gadgets, and anything relating to their presentation (and they are really presented very bad, taking up far too much space each, with about 120% ‘white space’ each!) but there are also some serious bugs.

Perhaps the most serious integration bug is that if you have multiple web sites and you decide to create a Google Webmaster Tools Gadget of any web site you have in your list of web sites – Google will always create a Gadget presenting the data of the first (alphabetically) web site you have listed in you Google Webmaster Tools listing. The way Google is one cannot really let them know about it, because of the complete absence of any contact details on their pages.

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