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The rule in online publishing is to put your main thought at the very beginning of the article. The title is what gets read first. It acts as a filter. Poor title – lost visitor. The subtitle is the second filter with the equal importance. The first sentence has almost the same power.

Therefore to write successfully for the web you need to make every word and sentence very interesting. Topic specific, catchy and simply short. The Invert Pyramid is the widely used term to describe the style and the method for writing for the web. First you say waht you have to say, and then elaborate. It is the opposite to how majority of the people write today.

After about 10 year writing for the web, I still cannot write naturally in the up side down pyramid way. My most popular published articles actually are 100% ‘rewritten’. I write a blog post ‘normally’. If it contains 10 sentences, I give each sentence a score from one to ten. Then I put sentence in the order of importance (most important first). Then I change the words in the sentences to make the article readable. Some sentences get dropped out in this process. I end up with about 60% of the original text in the process. It is also important to read the article few more times to get inspiration where to link the bottom of the article to (further info, related articles, etc).

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  • Toni Shrader

    October 20, 2008 at 8:57 pm

    You are right on with the information in this article…keep up the good and useful work!

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