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People use different words when they search for your products online. Use these ‘keywords’ in your website copy and people will find your site when they search.

Sounds simple this Keyword Analysis, doesn’t it?

But in the reality this is it. You need to use the words you want to be found for on your own web site. Google is the Indexing Service in its essence. It reads web pages and answers the users searches based on the search phrases. Yahoo, MSN or any other search engine is the same.

So what is and how to do Keywords Analysis?

Keyword Analysis is the process of finding the keywords you should use on your site. There are number of tools that can help you expand your original list. The list can actually start from the one word. For example let’s say that this site is about ‘SEO’. The aim is that people who are looking for SEO in the search engines find this site. The most obvious way to do it is to use the keyword SEO a lot around a site. But not everyone will just type SEO in the search engine. People might type a search phrase like ‘SEO Ireland’, or ‘SEO Dublin’. Someone else will type ‘Best SEO’ or ‘SEO Company’. Someone will type ‘Search Engine Optimisation’. There are numerous ways one cal search for the topic, or something in particular about that topic. This is where Keyword Analysis comes in. Use the tools to suggest you the lists of keywords related to yours. Then put the synonyms in the tools and request suggestions for those as well. Include in your list of keywords ALL the ones related to your original term.

Keywords Analysis will give a list of thousand or more keywords. If you repeat the steps above multiple times, you will end up with a number of thousands. It is good. But what is the value of each keyword?

The value of a keyword is defined by the number of web sites competing for it (the less the better since it is more likely your site can get on top) and the volume of the searches performed for it. The more searches are made each day for that keyword the more traffic the keyword brings to the top ranked sites. Use this Keyword Value calculation to determine what are the most important keywords and take a special attention to those. Those are the keywords you will want to use a lot on your site, and most likely create a separate page dedicated to each one of them. That page will be used as a Landing Page for the search traffic for that keyword.


  • Mark

    November 13, 2008 at 10:46 pm

    great article, but i don’t understand last sentence. So if i touche your word SEO and all the other phrases (SEO ireland, SEO dublin, SEO company, etc.) … i have to create a separate page for each off the word? but if there is i hundred phrases for each word i want to optimize, i get a huge website? And another question are these pages navigate in website navigation pane or are just stand alone pages?
    i hope you understand what i mean? :)

  • SEO Consultant (admin)

    November 14, 2008 at 10:00 am

    @ Marko: Each keyword you want to optimise your site for, and generate traffic from the search engines for that phrase entered as a search phrase in the search engine, should have a ‘strong presence’ on your web site. The search engine will only rank your site for the phrases that your site contains.

    If you want to be on top for SEO – you have to write the phrase SEO a lot on your page.
    If you want to be on top for the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION you have to write about the SEARCH ENGINE OPTIMIZATION a lot on your page.

    How to do it to get the best results?

    Optimise a single page for each keyword, or a set of related keywords. Does it mean having a large web site? Ask yourself a question – if your offer a search engine more content, is it to be expected it will represent you more in its search results (all other things being equal)?

    If you have one word on your web site, you might get listed for that one word. If you have million words, you might get listed for a million!

  • Guntur

    December 21, 2008 at 2:11 pm

    My only current keyword now is Busby SEO Test
    How to get the first with that current keyword?

  • iklan

    July 16, 2009 at 5:46 am

    i use many tools for seo but it didnt work for me

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