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Search one the mobile is very different than the search on a desktop. Google displays different search results and also a completely different functionality on the two platforms. Here is a sample of the search I have just done on the mobile using Goole today. I have searched for just the word ‘SEO’.

Google being Google, the search results start with the Google AdWords advertisements for the keyword ‘SEO’. Note that the advertisements actually take the first (top) 50% of the screen. Below the ads there is a space for a single natural (organic) listing. Below that is something that is unique for the mobile search results: the inclusion of the Google Places that are relative to your location. I was in Kiltiernan in Dublin South, so I got the following link: Places for seo near Kiltiernan, Co. Dublin.

Scrolling down (2nd page) there is also a pulldown that let you Choose a location or a link to manually enter a location. My pulldown contained only on item Kiltiernan that didn’t make much sense really. Below all this location specific functionality that is unique for the search made on the mobile device the listing of all Google Places starts. Note that there is also a distance to each of those locations displayed. That is again a unique feature of a search made on a mobile device. The order of those registered Google Places is not relative to the position of the mobile device, but I am sure Google will in time show the nearest Place first.

Under the Google Places listing that shows up to 10 listings, the same as on desktop search, there is one more mobile search unique feature. There is a link to the page that displays more local search results. That is even after 10 Google Places already displayed, and 10 is a lot of results to display on the mobile device anyway.

Google mobile search results have a huge emphasis on the location. There is a set of unique functionality that helps you get even further details about the local results. The desktop search results contain only the Google Map and a Google Places listing. The mobile search results contains further functionality like pulldown of locations near you, the form to enter your search location manually and to expand the local search results. The most important local feature is the link that displays after the first organic result, that filters the search results to just local results and nothing else. That is as if Google is telling you – if you didn’t like the 1st search result, why not look at just your local results instead? Being listed 1st in Google search results in the mobile search just become even more important!

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