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SEO people divide the work that needs to be done on the web site into the Off Site SEO and On Site SEO. The on Site SEO is usually linked to the improvements of your web site itself. Leaning the code of the site so that Google can index it easy, and publishing content that is relevant to your products or services your site is representing. What SEO professionals call Off Site SEO is actually mostly link building; placing links on other sites towards your site. Google ranks higher the sites with more of those inbound links. That is what SEO gurus call On Site SEO and Off Site SEO.

In recruitment those two phrases mean something completely different. When recruiting a SEO person, an activity I am getting more and more involved in employers are looking for either an employee or a contractor who will work on their web site SEO. The other main difference besides of the employment type is the place where will this person be located. If it is only a single person that is hired to do SEO, in most cases companies look for a person who will work on their premises. Companies with large SEO tasks and higher ambitions hire agencies who usually work in their own offices. So contractors usually work on site where agencies work off site and just do presentations in the clients premises. And that is from a recruitment perspective an On Site SEO and Off Site SEO, since it relates to the place of employment.
Do I need to tell you that when a recruiter is advertising for a Link Ninja or what is essentially an Off Site SEO position, they advertise it as Work From Home SEO position available, simply thinking that Off Site SEO refers to their perspective of the work type performed off the premises of the employer. You cannot even imagine the way the communication goes when a recruiter is headhunting a Link Ninja not realising that he is looking for a person who will work on the SEO of a web site by building links to it, and he thinks he is recruiting for a person who will work from home – doing the SEO for a web site of a client.
Funnily enough I myself actually prefer working from home. It is not easy since it requires a lot of discipline. What I found the most important factor when working from home is to have a space and time allocated to work. Time management was easy for me. I just worked the same hours I would work in the office. The space was, since I took one room that had its own purpose before in my house. Well that did not work that well. A year later I decided I have to do something about it and got the purposely built house extension to be as office only. This changed my life. No commuting time, and a perfect office space that you can walk into in your slippers!

I still do some SEO on site – mostly to meet with clients in the early and final stages on the project, but the rest of my SEO work is – yep from home!

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  • Brad Mallen

    November 7, 2011 at 12:01 pm

    both of them are very important part of the seo for increasing traffic of  websites. SEO speacilists should have command of both of them

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