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It is quite easy to spend you marketing euros in the offline world. You just go to any of the leading advertising agencies and let them create the advertising campaign and let them run it for you. They will create it, and purchase the media (for a better price that what you can since they buy in big volumes) and run the campaign. You as the Marketing Manager just sit back and enjoy. Actually you also get pampered with all kinds of gifts, etc.

If by a chance your product is purely online product, or is sold online only, you are going to get into the problems. Why? Because your advertising agency that you count on is running advertisements for clients in the offline world. And the conversion rate from the offline advertisement to the online shop is as we know quite low. So what should you be looking for then?

The Online Advertising Agency creates the campaigns, and purchases the advertising space (or sometimes just traffic) from the online resources – web sites. They are the people who will get your name and logo on Hotmail, Yahoo, and all national web sites of your interest. They will also find private blogs and blog networks, that have traffic relevant to your product and place your advertisements everywhere where people potentially interested in your product ‘Hang Out’ on the web. Forums, social networks, or anything else you can think of. And yes they will also do the search engine optimisation of your own web site to bring you the natural ‘organic’ traffic from the search engines. Of course they will also manage your pay per click search engine marketing.

Have you seen an Online Advertising Agency like this in Ireland? A one stop shop for:

Search Engine Marketing
Search Engine Optimisation
Link Building
Social Networking campaigns (promoting you in LinkedIN or Facebook)
Corporate Blog Management

Is Ireland simply too small for such a Online Advertising Agency to exist?

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  • Andy Rehan

    January 20, 2009 at 3:40 pm

    I have checked out this website webwindows.co.uk and found it very interesting as it offers a wide variety of newspapers and magazines that I can choose from to advertise my website. Also, the rates are very reasonable as these newspapers they advertise in have a readership of millions. Too good a deal to invest my advertising spend.

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