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The most important part of the on page SEO optimization is the title of your page. Google search engine gives a lot of weight to the title of our website. Your web site will be displayed in the search engines – by the Page Title. Crafting the perfect title is a core skill of the SEO optimization.

As the first step you need to find your main keywords or search phrases you are targeting. Once you have 2 to 3 keywords or phrases you can start with the title optimization of your website by placing the keywords in your title tag.

From a small keyword research here are 3 key phrases to target and use in our title to target if you are selling ‘USB memory sticks’.

  • Memory Stick (63)
  • Flash Drive (42)
  • USB Stick (37)
  • To decide what of those keywords to optimize the site, and it’s title for, you need to check the competition. Why? Most likely there will be tons of sites optimised for the main keyword, and most likely a handful of sites optimised for the keyword that has just half the search volume. You will have to decide if you want to go for the main keywords, or will you settle to be the best in the smaller ‘market’. In most cases optimising for the keyword that is not the leading one in the market will return results far more quicker and your ranking will get far higher. Simply enough – there is less sites competing for it.

    Welcome to the Memory Stick Web Site

    …is probably the worst tithe for your site. Jet so often that is exactly the formula people use to craft a site title – or a first heading on the home page.

    So why is that so bad practice really?

    Remember that your sites Title is displayed in the search results. It needs to be inviting to the visitors to click on it. ‘Welcome’ and ‘Web Site’ are not doing any good. If a person is searching for the Memory Stick, the title should be ‘Memory Stick’.

    SOE optimization practice is to get the title to 100% match the search phrase. If not 100% than as close as possible. Your Title has to contain the (exact) search phrase you are SEO optimizing for. To make it more inviting you might put a word or two ‘around it’. Preferably ‘behind it’.

    In SEO optimisation this is usually referred to as Keyword Prominence, The keyword prominence really important aspect of title SEO optimization. For better title optimization the prominence of the keywords in your title tag should be at 100%. The keyword prominence formula for title optimization is based on three factors:

  • Keyword positions in the title area
  • Number of words in the keyword
  • Total number of words in the area.
  • Based on the three factors to have a better title SEO optimization you need to:

  • a). to have our keywords at the very beginning of our title and
  • b). if possible to have ONLY the keywords in our optimized title (100% keyword density – besttitle SEO optimization technique).
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