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The majority of the SEO consultants have started doing SEO for their own site. After the initial SEO success they offer the SEO services to the ‘Friends and Family’ – the people they know. If that goes well after a few projects, the larger clients start lining up. The real legal entity gets established to invoice those larger customers – A SEO Consultancy. Good word travels fast – especially in the SEO world since the SEO people are extremely well connected since the social bookmarking and networking is the part of the SEO service itself.

Process - SEO Proposal

If you are good professional SEO expert sooner rather then later an upfront description of the work you will perform for the client, will not be as it was in the start when it sounded like:

- I’ll get you on the first page of Google!

Than as you learned more about the SEO yourself (on the clients web sites!):

- I’ll get you on the first page in Google for many relevant phrases!

If you are a good SEO Guru, you will start taking larger and larger SEO projects. The bigger the budget the more paperwork is involved so SEO Proposal will have to evolve with the budget increases as well.

The general rule of thumb is the following:

1. No SEO Proposal should be shorter than one page. Write about yourself If you have nothing else to put in it.
2. In general, a two page SEO Proposal should be your starting size and from then on…
3. Your SEO Proposal should contain half of the page for each average monthly salary in your country.
4. Corporate clients expect a corporate communication and branding style so your SEO Proposal will start with a lot of your own branding, and end up with your accreditations and customer references.

Remember that sending the inappropriate type of a SEO Proposal to the wrong type of the recipient will most likely be a waste of your time. You simply need to understand what to send whom to. A start up where the managing director is also answering the phone, sill not have time to read your 25 page brochure-ware proposal. He has no time for that. He needs to know just- How much, and what do we get? Sending a short two pager to a global corporate will result in them asking for more and that only if they are really interested about you. They are used to their corporate way of communications, and will expect your SEO Proposal almost as the proper full blown tender.

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  • Sam

    September 26, 2008 at 8:00 am

    some nice points here i like the graphic although I would say there are a few more steps involved but have the genral idea here

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