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Confused about all this SEO services you are being offered constantly? Receiving a million of SPAM emails a day from the Best Indian SEO Company? Talked to a number SEO companies and got contradicting advices? If you recognise yourself here – read on. This article explains what SEO Services really are.

SEO Services Basics

The aim of the SEO is to bring your web site more relevant visitors. Majority of the visitors to any site are from the search engines (with a very few exceptions). For the search engine like Google to bring you visitors the following must occur (in the following order):

1. Your web site has to have text
2. The text should be relevant to what your web site is about
3. The text needs to be presentable to both visitors and search engines
4. The search engine needs to find your site
5. The search engine needs to index your web sites textual content
6. The search engine needs to include your web site in the search engine results pages
7. Your site has to be ranked high in the search engines – to be find by humans searching
8. Your site needs to be presented ‘nicely’ in the search engines to invite humans to click on them in the listings

This is what needs to happen. The way to achieve it is the following:

SEO Services Tasks

1. Creating the content – copyrighting
2. Preparing he web site for the search engine indexation
3. Creating links from other web sites to your site.

The first two are called On Site Optimization Where the last one is called Off Site Optimization (it is not performed on your own web site).

This are the basic general tasks offered combined as SEO Services. Some companies claim to have some mystic knowledge or powers, and others will guarantee you top ranking in Google. The reality is that the more guarantees you get from a SEO company, the less likely will you be satisfied with their performance. Their performance – being measured in your web sites increase in the search rankings, and therefore increased numbers of visitors.

If the Internet is in the core of your business, it might be wise to hire an in house SEO consultant to perform your SEO Services. If you are a smaller company or the online aspect of your business is not of a great importance, you will engage with an SEO company that provides the SEO services. The SEO process is the same in both cases.

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