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The right time to start planning your SEO Strategy is before you start the development of your web site. The SEO Strategy has to be taken into account while developing the site. Applying the SEO to the finished site will take more time and resources. It will waste your money. In some cases it will actually be more cost effective to build the completely new site, but this time with the SEO Strategy aspects in mind.

Your SEO Strategy needs to be based on the type of the site you are building. Some sites are likely to get (inbound) links to them and some are not. If your site is one of those that get the inbound links naturally (directories etc) you should evaluate if the inbound links should point to the main (home) page of your site – or would you be better off with ‘deep’ links that are theme based. If your site is not the natural “link magnet”, you need to think of the way to encourage webmasters to link to you.

The Content
The content is your best bet in the search engine optimisation. The qualities of the content that Google values are:

    well formatted – with keywords standing out

To rank your content high in Google it needs to be:

    broken down in the separate pages
    the right keyword density per page
    Each page optimized for one or two keywords only
    The unique TITLE Tag on each page – that contains the keyword the page is optimised for
    The unique set of META Keywords Tags – containing the keywords the page is optimised for and more
    The unique META Description Tags – containing,… you get it by now, don’t you?

Google is a bit like an accountant, it counts the words in various ways. You need to get the words in your web pages to get ranked for them. It is this basic fact that people forget.

The Links
When you have developed your site, filled it with your content, and applied all the on page optimisation, it is the time to tell the Google about it. Or the on page sitemap or the one submitted directly to Google is the starting point only. The key part of your SEO Strategy needs to be the way of obtaining the inbound links. Exchanging the links is a way for some sites, but the most of the sites your content quality will need to act as a link bait from the other web sites. The higher quality of the content the larger likelihood you will attract inbound links.

Diversifying your content is the best way to increase the chances of getting the inbound links. There needs to be something for everyone (in your target market). Naming your articles you have a way of controlling the text the inbound links will link to you with (anchor text), so here your keywords come again.

It is the combination of this onsite search engine optimisation and offsite optimisation, that is building links to your site that generates the results. One alone, even if perfect will not get any site ranked high.

Oh yes, choose your keywords before doing anything else! This is the most common mistake, not to do the proper in depth keywords analysis before you start planning your SEO Strategy.


  • Dave

    July 17, 2008 at 9:53 am

    This article is a great read for someone starting a new website. Well done.

  • James

    September 11, 2008 at 12:31 pm

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