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You know that moment, when you launched launching a brand new site, and it’s all going slow. You create a marketing strategy, define your SEO strategy, keywords, market and goals. You set up your Google AdWords, LinkedIn ads, Facebook ads, and whatever industry specific stuff you need to do. You define your link building strategy, generate your content, that is easily share-able to all the social media sites that exist on this planet and wider. You set up a blog, write and send your press releases and email everyone you can think of.

And then, you wait to see what will happen. Regardless of your success you are always wondering if there was a space for more? Could you have reached more people with all your marketing activity? And you celebrate your success, your business is starting up nicely. You are not aware at all that you could be doing much, much better until one day, it just starts happening. You strike gold, you get the right message to the right audience in the best way. BOOM!!!

SEO Sucess in Social Media

All that you ever thought was good all of the sudden becomes overshadowed by the success of a single tweet or a single photo shared on Pinterest. In social media, you better do things right than do a lots of things average. That one tweet if it’s great will not only get retweeted, and will build up your followers instantly, but will bring the visitors to your site.

It is that fabulous feeling when you manage to do it right.

The sample above is the effect of a single Facebook update. It contained a positive note with a simple link to the www.IrishRecruiter.com web site. More than a 1000 visitors in the first few hours only.

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