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It would be very nice, and the whole SEO ‘science’ would be much better perceived and accepted by the marketing people if the SEO work could be measured somehow. Imagine the tool or a process that will tell you on the scale 1 to 100 – exactly where your web site is?

Website Grader - Free SEO Tools Rewiev Web Site Grader is trying to do that exactly! It is the free online website grading service. You just put your URL in it, and it checks all different aspects of your site (including online and offline web site optimisation!) and gives your site the score. It even gives you the brief description of all various elements and checks the web site was scored against.

So is Website Grader good? Is it bad?

Well it is far more good than bad. The advantages are:
1. It is quick
2. It does an fairly rounded check-up of various elements
3. In almost all cases it is correct in what it states
4. It can be used as a ‘Reminder Checklist’.
5. It is nice!!!

What is bad? Well nothing much is bad with Website Grader. If it is used with a grain of salt. If your site gets 100% it does not mean you should stop working on SEO. If you get 95% it does not mean that there are not obvious SEO mistakes on your site!

How to use Website Grader?

The reports that Website Grader should be used in conjunction with all the other SEO reports you have. Trusting anyone in the SEO industry is a bit ‘unreliable’. Who you do trust is your own gut feeling, helped by the number of other sources who tell you the same!

Website Grader is nice. It is really easy to trust it!

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