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SEO training is one of the part of my job that I enjoy the most lately. Why? I am a naturally shy person really. I think I actually started doing SEO because I had problems cold calling. My name and my accent over the phone really do not work well. So I started doing SEO, made myself easy to find – so people called me instead. Then when I was asked to do SEO training, it was a challenge for me since it is unnatural for me. Shy person talking to a large groups of people? You see where the problem is?

I like the SEO training because I get out of my office, and I meet people. I get asked all the funny questions like: Should I use ‘I’ and ‘Me’ on my blog? Should I ask a lot of questions? And of course I do not have answers to none of those. I usually try to fund some funny way out of the situation. I usually tell them that I can bring the horse to the water… but they will need to sell their products online.

SEO Training is fun! If you are looking for a SEO Trainer – call today!

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