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I am naturally not really a sales man. I am a numbers guy. Not colours. I tend to stare into Google Analyses and charts that I generate from the various data – and find it both exciting and amusing. I know, I know,… You are wondering about me. You are asking yourself where am I going with this? Where is this going to end up? Do I want to read further?

I get invited to talk about SEO a lot. National Libraries, universities, online radio shows and various conferences. I enjoy it and do it with passion. I just love analysing the data, patterns and applying science into the ways of the data is displayed to the end users (on the web sites). 10 years of doing it on a daily basis, I guess I have learned something by know. I have been wrong many, many times, and have learned from all my mistakes. That resulted on the other side in some truly spectacular results in SEO.

Clients love it, and their web site successes excite them so that their share their success. Industry experts pick it up and they talk about your successes. It gets viral. It is mentioned in the coffee breaks on conferences. The success is the common topic near the company water fountains (gossip tops the popularity there!).

When the top influencers in their industry & market start recommending you in public, you know you have done something with your life. You have done something outstanding. I work in SEO. I never thought it was that spectacular myself. Here is what how others see it:

When I managed to make other people passionate about what I do, I guess I must be doing something spectacular: The Spectacular SEO!

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