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What if you no longer needed an SEO “expert”…

Seriously. Imagine you do not need a SEO expert. Imagine you can purchase a software package or an online subscription for the software as a service SAAS and voila – you no longer need an SEO “expert”? Wouldn’t that be a much better option for any company? No SEO staff, just a subscription fee. And you are all sorted! First in Google and all the bells and whistles!

Hubspot thinks they can replace people?

Your dream might come true. The company HubSpot have opened the office in Dublin and they claim they can do exactly that. Just get rid of your SEO staff, and subscribe to us instead. And guess what, their software replaces not only the SEO staff, but most of your online marketing team actually.

Sounds like a fairytale?

I wrote about HubSpot before, and I have to say it here again, I like the way they market themselves. It was always original and innovative. I am really surprised they had to revert to such claims as in the promotional video that is on their web site now.

What if you no longer needed an SEO “expert”…

Sorry HubSpot but in my humble opinion that is a pure false advertising.

Or am I wrong? And HubSpot really replaces the SEO Professionals? What do you think?

SEO Software

What is the best SEO Software?

That is a question I get asked from almost every client. Jet I never really know how to answer that question. Why is that?

There are number of the SEO tools I have used and still use a number of them, depending on the site I am optimising. I wrote about a number of the SEO Tools on this site, and Hubspot is the one I use for a long time. They keep coming out with a new tools, relevant to the new things that happen on the web. Hubspot Twitter Grader is just another fine example!

I Wrote about the Stompernet Site Seer, a whole list of Google SEO tools like Google Webmaster Tools, KeywordSpy and many others.

But to answer the question – What is the best SEO Software, I simply cannot. I just realized I never even wrote a blog post about a single SEO Sofware package. Is WebCEO, SEOElite, Internet Business Promoter (IBP), SEO Suite, SEO Studio, and a long list of other SEO Software packages really not worth an article?

Well in all fairness they surely are! But each of them will cover a few task SEO specialist does, and try to automate the process in completing those tasks. Most of the SEO Software does a great job.

The unfortunate fact is that there is no SEO Software that does it all even for one type of the web site. I actually use Excel and Notepad more than any purpose built SEO Software.

Are the Right People on Your Marketing Team?

Are the Right People on Your Marketing TeamHubSpot is definitely a company everyone in the online marketing world should watch closely! I wrote about them before, and still use their Grader products.

I got a preview of the new book by: Brian Halligan and Dharmesh Shah, both co-founders of HubSpot: Inbound Marketing: Get Found Using Google, Social Media, and Blogs (The New Rules of Social Media). A great read really. Since the in my ‘past life’ I was into the recruitment and jobs, it was really interesting to read the part about the Recruitment of the Marketing Team. Here is a short snippet:

What does this change mean for your marketing staff? Simply put, your hiring
criteria need to change and your way of measuring performance needs to change
along with it. The following is a suggested framework called DARC for hiring and
developing inbound marketing savvy employees.

  • D = Hire Digital Citizens
  • A = Hire for Analytical chops
  • R = Hire for Web Reach
  • C = Hire Content Creators

They also wrote a long list of the handy questions for the recruiters hiring Inbound marketing staff. The list is really, really good:

  • What RSS reader do you use? Can you show it to me?
  • What blogs do you read?
  • Do you rank first for your name in Google?
  • Do you use Delicious? Can you show it to me?
  • Do you have a blog? Can you show it to me?
  • Do you use Facebook or LinkedIn? When was the last time you updated
    your profile?
  • Do you use Twitter? Can you show me?
  • Do you have a channel on YouTube? Can you show it to me?

Interview questions about the Reach:

  • How many subscribers to your blog? Do you talk about our industry on
    your blog or about personal stuff?
  • How many Facebook followers do you have? Do you talk about our
    industry at all on your Facebook account?
  • How many LinkedIn followers do you have?
  • How many Twitter followers?

The writing style is extremely light. A complete novice to the digital marketing should have no problems following the book. There are tons of good tips, pointing a reader on how to organise the Inbound Marketing team in the eBook itself. Well worth reading!!!!

SEO Tools: Website Grader

It would be very nice, and the whole SEO ‘science’ would be much better perceived and accepted by the marketing people if the SEO work could be measured somehow. Imagine the tool or a process that will tell you on the scale 1 to 100 – exactly where your web site is?

Website Grader - Free SEO Tools Rewiev Web Site Grader is trying to do that exactly! It is the free online website grading service. You just put your URL in it, and it checks all different aspects of your site (including online and offline web site optimisation!) and gives your site the score. It even gives you the brief description of all various elements and checks the web site was scored against.

So is Website Grader good? Is it bad?

Well it is far more good than bad. The advantages are:
1. It is quick
2. It does an fairly rounded check-up of various elements
3. In almost all cases it is correct in what it states
4. It can be used as a ‘Reminder Checklist’.
5. It is nice!!!

What is bad? Well nothing much is bad with Website Grader. If it is used with a grain of salt. If your site gets 100% it does not mean you should stop working on SEO. If you get 95% it does not mean that there are not obvious SEO mistakes on your site!

How to use Website Grader?

The reports that Website Grader should be used in conjunction with all the other SEO reports you have. Trusting anyone in the SEO industry is a bit ‘unreliable’. Who you do trust is your own gut feeling, helped by the number of other sources who tell you the same!

Website Grader is nice. It is really easy to trust it!

SEO Tool - WebSite Grader