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SEO Books

Read any good SEO books lately? No? Me neither.

Why is that?

SEO is evolving far too quick for the traditional book publishing process. If you have even been involved in book writing – you know well enough that it last for months if not a full year.

A year in ‘Internet Time’ is a long as a Geological Era really. Think about what the Internet looked like a year ago. Than one more year ago, than one more… and you can see Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIN, WordPress Blogs, Blogger, …. diapering.

If you start writing a SEO book today on you will write it from the today’s perspective (at best). The day the book gets published the data it describes will have more Historical value than the real one. You might as well call your SEO book: ‘Internet, as it once was…’.

To learn about the search engine optimization, do not try to find a magic SEO book that will teach you all. That SEO book does not exist. That SEO book cannot exist.

Read blogs. Like this one. Forget SEO books!