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Free SEO Tools: Stompernet Site Seer

Free SEO Tools: Stompernet Site SeerIf you have decided that SEO Costs are too much for you, here is another free SEO tool for you: Stompernet Site Seer. A web site contains a lengthy movies that describing the ‘Get Rich Quick’ scenarios of tons of the site’s users. You will learn how Lucy increased the revenue 5 times in a few months, how Mark had to hire the assistant to cope with the increase of the business. And all that thanks to the Stompernet Site Seer!

How does Free SEO Tool: Stompernet Site Seer work?

Well you put your URL and you email in the box on their web site, and an hour later you get an email with a report of your site. The report tells you what Meta and Tile you have on the home page, and how many back links different search engines show to your site. It shows your Alexa ranking, your Google PR, the numbers from Digg, Delicious, and similar social bookmarking sites.

And all that is packaged in tons of text, that explains what all those figures mean. The report will again show you a video about some of the Stompernet Site Seer staff (presuming by the T-shirt logos), who will tell you how will you benefit greatly from their excellent and free tools, or service,.. or something anyway!

Compared to the Website Grader we looked into earlier this week, Stompernet Site Seer, is perhaps good for someone who is not 100% sure what does SEO really stand for!

PS. In most cases, ‘the decision maker’ or ‘the buyer’ of the SEO service is someone who is not too sure what the SEO really means. So the Stompernet Site Seer web site is a good thing to spend 15 minutes on if you are a SEO consultant – and what to learn the language of the ‘ordinary people’. The people that go out, mingle with other people in real world as opposed to Second Life, do outdoor sports outdoors, and not on Wii,… those strange people, you know!?