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In the article: Good Google Web Traffic – Bad Google Web Traffic I defined some web traffic as ‘Bad’. The fact is that in most online businesses there is the traffic that the business will profit from and there is that ‘other’ web traffic.

The relevancy plays the crucial role. If the visitors are brought to the web site that does not provide them with what they come to find on the web site, they will leave. If they leave from the same page they have landed on – there is no benefit to the business from such a visitors. The only way such visitors could contribute to the business is to click on the advertisement on your web site. But that’s a whole different story…

The point is that having thousands of visitors on the web site is worthless if those visitors ended up on the web site ‘by mistake’. It is extremely important when purchasing the advertisement on a web site to analyze the traffic, and see where and how is this traffic ending up on a web site that is being evaluated. It is not only important to check if it is ranked high for the relevant terms, but to check the figures from the competition, and try to find out if it is ranked high for unrelated search terms – and gaining a huge traffic from such unrelated search terms. It seems like an impossible task, but a number of search engine ranking tools can help to achieve the task fairly quickly.

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