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You are as likely to choose a wrong SEO Company as to hire a wrong SEO employee. If you know about SEO you will choose the right one, if you do not, ask for help externally.

Inhouse SEO

Imagine that you manage to hire and really hire the 100% best candidate as you SEO guy. And he/she is the best in what he does, in his little niche of SEO. For this example he is the best ‘Link Ninja’. He generates the inbound links from the huge number of sites with minimal budget (you didn’t think links are free did you?).

12 months pass by, and he is up for review. What are his goals for the next 12 months that you are going to base his performance bonus? To achieve 20% more inbound links than last year? And a year after again the same?!

The salary growth is not really exceed 10 to 15% ,… so your PERFECT Link Ninja has absolutely no career path. The only possible one is to stop him generating links but managing junior team members in doing that or managing a vendor SEO company in link building. Since he is the 100% best Link Ninja, he is not going to be happy with anyone’s performance – inferior to his. This results in him not doing the job he is good at – link building, but having to manage inferior link builders. This will give him the feeling his staff is mediocre and that his employer does not invest enough in the SEO Link Building Team.

Here is the point where you lose your Link Ninja – most likely to your competitor – who will use his experience in your industry…

Outsourced SEO

The percentage of SEO contract being renewed after an educated review is really very, very small. This is the result that since a SEO is so nice little item every web design company just adds to their list of services, and can be priced as much as the development of the whole web site, it is too tempting not to offer it. Anyone can call themselves a SEO Expert, and you need to know a great deal about the SEO itself to be able to choose a good one.

So how well will the Outsourced SEO work for you? The answer is really in the question itself. The more you know about the SEO, the better SEO company will you choose. Since you have decided to outsource the SEO, it is most likely you understand you do not have the skills to do it yourself. ON the other hand you need to know SEO really well to find a really good SEO company. A bit like a Catch 22 here isn’t it?

Imagine an accountancy practice hiring a .NET developer to develop an internal application. Will they interview him themselves? And ask for the code samples so that they can analyse them? The same applies with the SEO consultants. It is pointless to choose a SEO company yourself if you know nothing about the SEO yourself. If you do, you will determine what SEO company to work with based on the sales skills of their salesman! And that is in absolutely no relation to the quality of the SEO service you will receive.

So to Outsource SEO or not to Outsource SEO?

One way or the other, get someone who knows about SEO to help you interview the job candidates or potential service provider. You will save a lot of money on the long run. You can find a SEO Consultant for hire here.

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