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Where to host a web site?
What hosting company?
What country to host a web site?
What hosting platform to choose?
Microsoft Hosting? Linux Hosting?
What hosting package to choose?
What optional add-ons like backup, secure server, domain name,. …. do I need?

All those are the questions you will need to answer when you decide to publish your web site. Some of those answers will have an impact on your SEO as well, like the location, and the domain name.

The most important thing you have to read is the small print from your hosting company! Here is the real life example, how you can get seriously scr…d up by a hosting company. And we are not talking about any ‘Two Boys in the Shed’ company, but one of the largest if not the largest hosting company in Ireland – Register365, purchased last year by even bigger player in the UK Namesco.

Register365 decided to ‘Upgrade’ their services, and the result is that the prices are drastically higher, and they also included a handy feature of not letting you send the outgoing mail. So if you are like the most of us, but also use the email, Register365 will kindly let you receive your email on your PC. But not send any mail yourself!? They will kindly explain that you can send mail via their provided web mail, or use some other mail server to send your email. Or,… yes there is also an option to ‘Purchase’ the ‘Email sending option’ that costs roughly just about the same as your hosting package.

Almost every hosting package or every hosting company has its benefits and drawbacks. There probably is no perfect hosting package. You need to decide what do you really need, how will you use it, and then talk to the customers of the company you are considering to use for your hosting needs. The best people to talk to is the ones who have various accounts with many different hosting companies. Search blogs for reviews, search forums and any social media for the honest reviews and discussions.

When you make a shortlist of the hosting companies you are considering – get into their small print. Hosting365 was really a great company, and probably a largest shared hosting company at the time they have been purchased by Namesco and rebranded as Register365. It was great! But obviously not so great if you also intend to send email…


  • Fred

    July 23, 2009 at 8:57 am

    It may also be worth asking what class of IP you will get, as different class IPs may be shared between a number of websites. If one of these did something bad and is banned by Google, its possible Google could ban you sites IP too.

  • Ivonne Chreene

    February 24, 2010 at 2:16 pm

    Whenever I see the post like your’s I feel that there are helpful people who share information for the help of others,that must be helpful for others.

    Well done and THANKS,

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