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Seriously. Imagine you do not need a SEO expert. Imagine you can purchase a software package or an online subscription for the software as a service SAAS and voila – you no longer need an SEO “expert”? Wouldn’t that be a much better option for any company? No SEO staff, just a subscription fee. And you are all sorted! First in Google and all the bells and whistles!

Your dream might come true. The company HubSpot have opened the office in Dublin and they claim they can do exactly that. Just get rid of your SEO staff, and subscribe to us instead. And guess what, their software replaces not only the SEO staff, but most of your online marketing team actually.

Sounds like a fairytale?

I wrote about HubSpot before, and I have to say it here again, I like the way they market themselves. It was always original and innovative. I am really surprised they had to revert to such claims as in the promotional video that is on their web site now.

What if you no longer needed an SEO “expert”…

Sorry HubSpot but in my humble opinion that is a pure false advertising.

Or am I wrong? And HubSpot really replaces the SEO Professionals? What do you think?

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