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WordPress become and established itself as the most popular CMS globally. In fact there is no other CMS that is even close. The amount of developers creating the WordPres Themes and WordPress plugins is purely phenomenal. Never in the short history of the web was there aver such a large group working on the same CMS platform. WordPress drove the cost of web site development and maintenance down. And all those old and new web sites are fighting for the same traffic from the search engines. It is not a surprise that the WordPress SEO is a hot topic!

WordPress consists of the core CMS files, the Theme and the optional Plugins. All three have an impact on the WordPress SEO.

The WordPress CMS is in general good for SEO. At some stage the database becomes too big and it does require manual cleaning. You really do not need the auto-saved versions of your blog post written years ago, do you? Well WordPress by default keeps those in the database forever.

WordPress Theme impacts SEO in the sense that it defines the internal links structure and page templates (Master Pages in the Microsoft .NET world). The Theme also defines what elements get displayed, like Tags and Categories of each post.

WordPress Plugins fine tune the SEO of your site. Plugins like All in One SEO and similar let you control the page elements like Titles and Meta Description of the individual pages on your WordPress web site.

Besides the Plugins and Themes there is a lot of other factors that make a huge difference of the search engine optimisation of the web site. There are ones that you control like choosing the fast web server to host your site and database. There are also ones that you do not control like links to your site from all other web sites – inbound links. The social media with its sharing of your content and links to your pages have ever increasing impact on SEO. Most of SEO specialists would agree that there is no SEO without social media any more.

If you struggle to attract traffic on your WordPress site, be aware that you are not the only one. In fact SEO specialists get more projects on WordPress than on any other CMS platform. Most would be very experienced with it, that gives you more choice than any other CMS. I guess by now you have no doubt that WordPress is great for SEO. This SEOConsultant.ie web site is on WordPress as well, and that I think proves the point I am trying to make.

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